Thursday, November 4, 2010

wee felt treasure bag tutorial

we're currently shacking up in a beachside resort while we look for more permanent digs. as well as it's fair share of 'weekenders', there are some other 'residents' here. our small folk have become part of a little posse of small folk who live here. yesterday we were invited to a birthday party for one of aforementioned posse. a wee treasure bag was stitched this morning then passed over to the smalls to fill. they chose four found treasures,  "one from each of us, mama". simple. happy. from us to you.

these treasure bags are easy to make. here's how i go about it.

time needed
a cup of tea and a peppermint ball

a small piece of wool felt
a glass
a pencil
embroidery floss
sewing needle

choose a glass about the size of the treasure bag you will be making. fold your felt piece over and place the glass on top. use your pencil and draw around the bottom half of the glass, leaving the top of the circle open.

draw a line from one side to the other. i like to make mine a wave, but you can make it any shape you like.

cut them out. you need two pieces.
choose your floss. take three of the six strands and thread your needle. start with an anchoring knot on the inside of one of the pieces. 

stitch your pieces together. blanket stitch your way around the bag. start and finish your blanket stitch about 1 cm from the top on each side. nice clear blanket stitch guide here
stitch some handles. choose a different color floss, take three strands and thread your needle but do not knot (te he!) the end of your floss. stitch a simple running stitch across one side of the bag and then the other. once you have stitched all the way around your bag, knot the ends of the floss together to form one handle.
thread your needle with the other three strands of floss and repeat the running stitch handle, but start your stitching on the other side of the bag. you'll then have two handles, one on either side of your bag.

fill with treasures, pull the handles so the opening gathers, and you are done.

simple. happy.

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