Wednesday, November 17, 2010

on being treasured

i opened my etsy shop a little while ago. listed some of the pieces i've made over the past few months and felt wonderful that they were out there for folk to browse and buy. then i went to bed.

the next morning i awoke and had a note letting me know that one of my pieces had been 'treasured' - included in another etsy members' treasury. a treasury is a thematic list of favorites that etsy members put together for their own viewing pleasure and for publishing on the etsy site.

it was a warming, bouyant feeling. a little wee hee kinda feeling. treasured. shucks. i knew these pieces were beautiful. but to know that others did too? shucks.

two more treasures have been 'treasured' since then. the feeling is still warming and bouyant and i treasure that fact that folk are looking. and liking.

you, too, can put your own 'treasury' together at etsy. i'm currently putting one together for my lovely lover's upcoming birthday. leather satchels and chai kits. go on, make one!

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