Thursday, March 31, 2011

billy and bear

i met a shaggy flopsy blonde headed kid called billy the other day. you know the one? we all know one, don't we? he asked me if i knew bear grylls. yeah, i know the guy, says i. he's awesome, says billy, who then continues on in conversation with me for a spell about how much he loves the man, bear.

me thinks billy would like one of these made for him:

from here
and he will be needing one of these
from here

and his mama might want to make him one of these

from here
i daresay billy will accumulate a few of these in his time
from here
and just cause it's so damn beautiful (and sort of on topic) a set of these for inside bear-time
from here
 but when it's all said and done, billy, can bear do this?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gifting, by request

i received and delivered on a custom order recently. 

a hat and bag in red for a 4 year old and in blue for his 2 year old brother.

i made a little felt mouse finger puppet as well to thank them (and their mama) for their custom.

i hope they like their wares.