Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the special bag

i've mentioned before that i've been dyeing fabric with plants and leaves and flowers of late. a windfall (i.e. small ones picking flowers from the backyard garden of a holiday house we recently stayed in) saw me dyeing with marigolds. an oceanside walk bush saw me dyeing with another windfall - seaside banksia from aforementioned holiday. it was very windy in this holiday town!

the marigolds were forthcoming with their golden goodness but the banksia? not so forthcoming, shall we say. i'm not the 'stick it in a book and document the plant and date and mordant and fabric' type of girl. i'm more of a 'let's cook it up and see what color we get' type of girl. i'm planning on using these little pieces of hand-dyed-with-love-and-windfalls fabric. but they do command a very special project. don't they?

well, one of those special projects came along recently for me. a special little treasure bag for a very special little lady of a very VERY special friend of mine. these two womenfolk bring so much happiness to me it seemed only right to use a piece of sunshine-y marigold-y goodness to make a little treasure pouch. i'm calling it the special bag. creative, hey?

if you want your own piece of special, comment below and we can work together to make a little something special for you too! i can custom make your own piece, just for you, from marigolds or whatever windfall i happen to find that day. or perhaps you'd just prefer to win one? if you like guildmaker on facebook then you're in the draw to win a little piece of special. i'll pull a random name (out of a hand dyed linen hat) on the full moon in august. free stuff! it's everywhere   

Monday, July 25, 2011

honey joy

i wash my face with honey.

it's one of my 'do less' approaches. bring less packaging into the house, use less chemicals in and around my home and beyond, less fuss in the mornings and evenings.

and the 'more' aspects? more support for the humble honeybee, more nourishing for my face, more fun watching my small girl wash her face with honey like mama.

crunch betty is hosting a little honey challenge at the moment. wash your face with honey for 2 weeks and enjoy the honey joy! as i already do wash my face with honey, and so does my small girl, i'll get the lads in my house on the honey train too. what about you?

Friday, July 15, 2011


small people are ill around here at the moment. some of the wintery bugs are lingering a little too long for my liking, one in particular settling in quite nicely to my son's lungs.

home is quiet and calm and there is space for healing to happen. we've been reading, making soup and daytime sleeping. our favorite chapter books are on high rotation.

we're particularly enjoying these two at the moment - the original J. M. Barrie Peter Pan and Dinotopia The World Beneath by James Gurney.

both wondrous stories and beautiful illustrations. we spend as much time reading the story together as we do looking at the illustrations.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

homespun a-plenty

our favorite local opshop has a blackboard out front, announcing its latest wares. recently it had  'homespun, plenty' written in pink chalk. 'great name for a band', i thought, as i went in to check out the plenty. there was another interested party at the homespun table, also checking out the offerings with a keen eye. he was dressed in a leather jacket with a helmet in one hand a skeins of wool in the other. i couldn't help remarking at what a beautifully ironic picture he made. he told me he knitted hats and entered them in the alice springs beanie competition every year. i decided he was ace.

we came home with a few bags of small skeins of various colors. upon opening them i realised they were not only homespun by a local lovely lady, but she had also naturally dyed them. only one has a label 'peach leaves copper mordant' which is a beautiful shade of green. there are other shades of green and some yellows and blues. i like wondering what they have been dyed with? perhaps this mob could tell me. or this amazing woman could shed some light? i've been dabbling with dyeing naturally of late, boiling up leaves and flowers and the like in small copper pots and leaving them in the sunshine. so far only resulting in various shades of brown. ho hum.

i'm no knitter, although my 5 year old son recently showed me how to double fingerknit. a revelation, i tells ya. we've been making ropes, necklaces and snakes ever since. i made a sailboat necklace one evening, strung it on some naturally dyed, double fingerknitted homespun and wore it with glee the next day. a friend shared my glee, so i made her one too. my daughter also glee-ed when she saw it, so i made her one as well, sewing her sailboat onto the front of a little blue upcycled dress. i had so much glee for my new sailboat necklace that i made a brooch as well. it's quickie crafting. my favorite kind. and her's too, so it seems.