Wednesday, October 20, 2010

in business

the guildmaker etsy shop is up and running. i let out a little shout of glee when I posted the first piece, a little skip-a-di-do-dah for the next, a little jig for the next and so on. after having bought a few things on etsy, been inspired by all the aceness on etsy, spent hours (and hours) browsing on etsy and referring most people i know to etsy, it feels right to begin selling there.

within hours, one of my childrens' treasure bags was featured in a treasury (thanks, PeachTree!, you're a treasure!) and someone hearts one of my skirts. hearts and treasury? makes a girl feel good inside.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

starting something

yesterday i started something. i invited local folk, small folk, to come make with me. we painted, we sewed, we cut, we created. in the sunshine. with helpful mamas and papas alongside. in a beautiful space in the beautiful hinterland. the small folk were wonderful. their intent, their energy, their color choices, they way they shared time, space and skill with me and with one another was inspiring. thankyou local small folk for helping me to get something started. more here

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the shoot

shooting shots of my wares for sale over the past few days.
i have a pocketful of cookies to keep my model smiling.

there's a stack of knowhow published on the perfect shot and how to get it. i'm really enjoying tips on the topic from this book at the moment. The book is small and beautiful, to hold and to read. it's inspiring but not overwhelming. it's confirming alot of what i know to be true about starting up and operating a handmade business as well as sharing new insight, alot of it first hand, that is timely for me right now as i embark on selling my wares online.

Monday, October 4, 2010


i'm partial to a good 'shroom. i found a little bit of 'shroomy delightfulness here from the girls at nuno magazine. those leather numbers make me feel good inside.
i picked up some leather offcuts from the local farmers market a little while back. said offcuts have been waiting patiently for a project like this one. i quickly made a first attempt.
and then i introduced new greenie 'shrooms to the crew. they were welcomed heartily.

but the nuno folk didn't stop at just one medium of 'shroom. no siree. that is one king of the woolly shroom land, my friends. oh me oh my i would like to slumber beneath it.